Monique Hessler



"Working through the 3 month program and the Healing Guide made me so much more aware of my body and gave me the confidence to heal myself when problems arise. Monique gave me tools that are easy to use and they WORK.  I have struggled with acne for over a year now and after doing some cleansing work recommended by Monique, my skin is the clearest it has ever been.  More importantly, when a new blemish comes around I know why it's there and what to do to clear up my skin again.  I was also able to heal from several GI issues and my menstrual cycle is now regular."

"Pain in the legs is gone!!! I always had painful sharp and crampy pain in my whole legs like intense sore muscles...Simply gone!"

"The Healing Guide is EVERYTHING you need to start and master your healing journey.  Every chapter was packed with tons of information and support and is created by Monique with so much love.  I truly feel like I have all the resources I need. Thank you."

"One of the best parts about working with Monique is that she is SO supportive and responsive!!  There were countless times during my healing journey  when I would notice a new symptom that I was worried about and she would quickly respond to me with detailed advice and encouragement.  And the best part, her advice was right every. single. time!  She is truly so helpful, knowledgeable, and will do anything to help others heal.  Thank you Monique for giving me the confidence to heal myself and for sharing the healing power with others!"

"After just being diagnosed with a few illnesses and being told I would have to live this way for life, I stumbled upon Monique and she was quite literally my ray of hope in one of the darkest times.  She is not only the sweetest and most compassionate human, but she truly cares and walks alongside you as you take each step towards healing.  I wouldn't be where I am today without her daily support and reminders that I can heal!  I am forever grateful!"

"I have some good news!!  I had a follow up appointment with my gyno after he had me do bloodwork last week, and this is what has changed:  anemia healed, I am no longer showing signs of PCOS and my hormones are all in good range!"

"I started work this week at the station and I'm thriving!  Back to work after five years!!"

"Wanted  to let you know that I've been doing really well and I even went skiing on my birthday!! 
Thank you so much for all of your support and guidance!"

"I am the lowest weight I have been in over 2years and I feel WONDERFUL!  I don't feel like I'm starving, no headaches, just feeling so good!  Thank you for all of your help!"

"I've been doing this powerful work with Monique and it is life changing! Her Trauma Release process is more effective than EMDR and you're not left feeling traumatized or raw. It's a really empowering process!"

"I have dealt with pain in my right shoulder and throat twitching for years. Both symptoms were tied to past trauma and are gone after one Trauma Release Session. It was such a healing session!"

"I was able to handle a family situation over the weekend that would have severely triggered me in the past, this situation would have left me completely unglued. I instead felt confident advocating for myself and responding from an empowered state! I regulated afterwards to further support my nervous system just in case. I am so grateful for these tools, I feel so free."

"Thank you for giving hope and encouragement to thousands of people around the world. It's an honor to have you part of the community. You are a beacon of light and true inspiration".