Monique Hessler


I'm so glad you're here!

I know first hand how exhausting, maddening and truly traumatic chronic illness is.  I experienced debilitating chronic illness for over a decade, I was diagnosed with several diseases, I lived with a lengthy list of full body symptoms with no end in sight.  Then I decided to identify and address the root cause vs continuing to chase the symptoms.  I healed my body naturally and I am incredibly passionate about helping others heal too.  I am now a root cause practitioner, specializing in chronic and "mystery" illness healing.
I use my personal experience plus education in holistic wellness, nutrition, nervous system regulation, psychology and energy medicine to help others identify their unique root cause of dysregulation and how to heal. It's time to learn the cause of your symptoms, how to support your body naturally, how to become your own healer, trust your body again and finally get back to truly living your life.  Are you ready?